About Us

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It's extremely important to us that our clients know whom they're doing business with. Once you take the time to find out what we're all about, we're confident you'll like what you see.


Our team is a dedicated group of individuals who are constantly seeking ways to help our clients achieve their marketing and communications goals.
We pride ourselves as the “Masters of our Trade” and have carefully selected each member of our team.


  • Accounting Department:

  • http://cumbria-cottages.co.uk/tadalafil-pill-price Director of Accounting: Jeannie Cowell
  • Accounts Receivable: Debbie Blevins
  • Human Resources Department::

  • HR Manager: Debbie Duzan
  • IT Department:

  • IT Communications: Kat Ciccotelli
  • IT Communications: Kevin Lawton
  • Sales Department:

  • Director of Sales and Marketing: Melissa Gardner
  • Regional Sales Manager: Shannon Snyder
  • Regional Sales Manager: Tony Fredericks
  • Projects Department:

  • Director of Projects: Jake Ambrose
  • Manager of Projects: Janet Alleyne
  • Senior Project Coordinator: Wendy Gateff
  • Senior Project Coordinator: Brittany Cowell
  • Project Coordinator: Alicia Leninger
  • Creative Art Manager: Bryant Pomajambo
  • Art Manager: Paul Richards
  • Graphic Artist: Amanda Terrell
  • Graphic Artist: Mark Wright
  • Graphic Artist: Ana Rodriguez
  • Print Department:

  • Director of Printing Division: Luis Leon
  • Shop Foreman:Camille Froscheiser
  • Print Administration: Elise King
  • Purchasing and Inventory: Bruna Riva
  • Shipping:Manuel Wong
  • Digital System Operator Edmond Wright
  • Digital System Operator Henry Araoz
  • Digital System Operator Eric Williams
  • Zund Operator Brian Jensen
  • Banner Wilder/Driver Walter Wilson
  • Screen Printer II Rudy Rivas
  • Screen Printer Moises Esacte Sr
  • Screen Printer Dominique Williams
  • Quality Control Darral Dyson Jr
  • Quality Control Nymere Rennick
  • Warehouse Eric Huff
  • Production Department:

  • Director of Production: Doug Winn
  • Production Manager: Russ Steele
  • Assistant Production Manager: Tom Layton
  • Installation Administrator: Tina Neeley
  • Compliance Manager: John Reid
  • Compliance Specialist: Steven Graupman
  • Purchasing and Inventory: Jamal Clay
  • Production/Vinyl: Pam Jones
  • Production/Vinyl: Franz Rodriguez
  • Woodshop:

  • Lead Carpenter: Lai Nguyen
  • Carpenter: Hung Nguyen
  • Carpenter: Phoung Doan
  • Paint: Bill Tien
  • Paint: Troung Vo
  • Paint: Tai Lam
  • Installation Department:

  • Installation Director: Chris Stefanik
  • Installation Manager: William Rodriguez
  • Surveyor: Gilber Robles
  • Crew Lead: Herland Arteaga
  • Crew Lead: Juan Maldonado
  • Crew Lead: Hugo Lopez
  • Crew Lead: Jose Saravia
  • Crew Lead: Nelson Maldonado
  • Crew Lead: Wilson Maldonado
  • Crew Lead: Jose Moreno
  • Crew Lead: Roger Ventura Chavez
  • Installer: Genaro Alfaro Rios
  • Installer: Ilder Cuatro Mejia
  • Installer: Stephen Mao
  • Installer: Matthew Perkins
  • Installer: Erick Portillo
  • Installer: Jose Portillo
  • Directional Department:

  • Director Weekend Services: John Cowell
  • Regional Manager: Ben Mahmoud
  • Regional Manager: Dwayne Hamilton
  • Directional Admin/Artist: Deborah Woo
  • Warehouse Malik Cantu
  • Warehouse: Stephen McIntire
  • Warehouse: Son Dang
  • Warehouse: Jose Fuentes


Our Mission:

To work with our customers generating sign solutions that meet their business needs by providing exceptional products, impeccable service and doing so in a profitable manner. At the same time, we will foster an environment for our people that is stable, promotes teamwork, safety and provides opportunities for learning and growth.


  • Cindy Wyatt, Construction Services Manager
    New Home Media Team, I wanted to thank you so much for not only working so quickly on our tournament banners but taking the graphics to a new level! Wow!!! I am so impressed with your work and your customer service! We had many compliments on the signs and banners – we need to add you guys to the sponsor banner next time and hand out your company flyers! Thank you again!!!
  • Lee Ann Belletti, Events and Communications Manager
    We were very pleased with the product New Media produced in the past. You do nice work!So you know, NVBIA is separate from HomeAid Northern Virginia. I don’t know who you may have worked with on their projects. Again, thank you for following up!
    Lee Ann Belletti, Events and Communications Manager
    Northern Virginia Building Industry Association
  • Trista Anderson, Design Center Manager
    Hi Chuck, Thank you for following up.  We are very happy with the outcome.  Your crew who hung the impact logo (Jose Saravia and Ilder Mejia) were very professional and kind.  I am sure we will be in touch regarding any additional work needed.  I very much appreciate your help and hope you have an amazing day!
    Trista Anderson, Design Center Manager
    Augustine Homes
  • Jay Udavcak
    Amanda: Our main sign looks great! Great job! Our thanks to everyone over at your shop for the help in this!
    Jay Udavcak
    Big Picture, Inc., Fairfax, VA
  • Sandra Oviedo
    Thanks Phyllis! You are all so awesome. We appreciate it!
    Sandra Oviedo
    Drees Homes
  • Ray Leal
    Yes that’s great you ROCK!!!!! Thanks
    Ray Leal
    D.R. Horton; McLean, VA
  • Robin Shewmake
    Won Lee has been very patient with me today regarding these signs!  Thank you for all of your help. 
    Robin Shewmake
    Ryan Homes
  • Chelsea Sutton
    The photos and the frames look fantastic and your installers were wonderful.  I was there setting up for our event and they were so polite, friendly and enjoyable to work with. Please spread that through management.
    Chelsea Sutton
    HH Hunt; Newport News, VA
  • Laurie Matthews
    The install at Lake Frederick went great this morning.  The display looks so good in person (pictures don't do it justice).  Thanks for squeezing us into your schedule this morning - I truly appreciate your help and your service - always professional.  Lori - thanks for your suggestion ... you took our spelling error and turned it into a positive.  I do think your solution to fix our error turned out to be much better than our original design - it added some dimension to the display. Thank you for always making us look good!  Very much appreciated. And the install team showed up early and they were professional and amazing as always.  They got the job done on time and it looks great!
    Laurie Matthews
    LM Marketing; Chevy Chase, MD


Employment Opportunities

We're focused on identifying, attracting and hiring the most talented and diverse people.

We look for leaders who will thrive and continue to grow as we achieve our business goals. Please visit https://www.indeedjobs.com/new-home-media/_hl/en_US for our current openings.


Applicants have rights under Federal Employment Laws, please click here for additional information.

You can also find these documents in our Lorton Office in the offices of Human Resources, COO and President and in our Fredericksburg office in the office of the Director.

Click here for other HR Documentation by State.


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